50 free handwriting fonts

Here are 50 of the best free handwriting fonts for designers.
Aloke Pillai

The right font sets the tone for your website. When we need to add some flair and character, a cursive handwriting font can be the centrepiece for the perfect design.

Whether you’re designing for websites or print, here are 50 of the best free handwriting fonts for designers.

1. Befolk Brush Font

A free flowing font that is perfect for anything from promotional material to handwritten quotes. I've found that where it is paired with an uppercase spaced out font, it looks great!

2. Marhaban Font

A beautiful font that feels hand-painted with a great rhythm and good style perfect for logos, apparel design and look like handmade typography.

3. LeBaker

A lot of character in this font! I love the use of the smaller case in this set. I'd recommend using this font for a unique poster design.

4. Wintersoul – Handbrush Script

The thick parts of the letters in this font makes it very distinctive. If you want to mimic the look of an ink pen, this font can help you achieve that look.

5. Husslee Break

A more energetic font that still feels handwritten but has sleeker lines, making it perfect for posters and headlines.

6. Griseldya Font

The flow of this font is designed to make any piece of graphic design feel more elevated and elegant, whether it be badges, signs, packaging, t-shirts or posters.

7. Swadery – Elegant Script Font

Definitely a bookmarked font for elegant invitations or cards you want to print. The swirls and flourishes can make any piece of design look very classy.

8. Hugesnow – Handwritten Font

Want to create a unique signature or a logo, the thin and elegant strokes in this font set is perfect for your upcoming project.

9. Hampshire

This one is great to make a stellar first impression. Long strokes to make any wedding design or social media post stand out from the serif and sans-serif fonts that flood the internet.

10. Bravingthon

Another great font for mimicking the natural cadence of signatures and fine ink pens. The look and feel of each letter is so casual and free flowing that it feels so close to the real thing.

11. Hayhills Script

Hayhills Script is a bold and beautiful font that is sure to capture some attention in your next post design or ambitious rustic website design.

12. Sweetie Bunny

This font feels familiar to cursive fonts that feel very well spaced out and carefully structured. All the curves here are designed to make the words seem balanced, which makes it a perfect font for achieving visual symmetry.

13. Humming – Monoscript Font

This font feels modern and stylish. The thick rounded strokes can make it perfect for a casual logo with a friendly flair.

14. Welinside – Signature Font

Even the preview image of this font is beautiful. It pairs so well with a small uppercase font like you see above. It mimics the handwriting of a ballpoint pen, making it a perfect companion for a logo, invitation, stationary or wedding designs.

15. Brittney Signature

This light and fun script is ideal for typefaces and for adding a personal touch to any piece of design.

16. The Suavity

The tall nature of this stunning signature font feels modern but having an elegant look.

17. Angellita

This font is a sweet and simple script with a romantic feel. It is fully balanced with a raw authentic presence.

18. Buttervill

This upbeat font is a stylish signature font that rounds out really well at the bottom of the characters, which makes it ideal for combining with other fonts.

19. Gatteway Signature

This handwritten script is beautiful and elegant. The generous space inside its capital letters makes it great for headlines.

20. Sabrina Pamella

The Sabrina Pamella font is luxurious but predictable. The flow of letters trend upward making it more suitable to use as a logo or headline.

21. Fabregas

It is all flair with this font. If you want to get some bonus points for style, this choice is definitely high on the list. While it can lack in legibility, it makes up for its boldness.

22. Ellouise – Handwriten Font

Ellouise feels natural and modern. It can make some very elegant logos and beautifully composed typographic treatments.

23. Thundhire

Hanna Bie designed this font and the rhythmic flow makes every letter click perfectly into each other, making it look very balanced.

24. Modern Kallimata Font

This is a special font due that has 2 styles including script and serif fonts to make a perfect pair. The serif is designed to complement the script.

25. Stay Classy Font Free

This gorgeous and simple handwritten script font feels fashionable and timeless. It works great as a headline or body text.

26. Wild Youth Bush Script

Jeremy Vessey designed this beautiful hand drawn brush script font. It is a modern font with the distinct  of adventure and the great outdoors.

27. Fabfelt Script

The fabfelt script is well designed as a tightly kerned cursive font, perfect for logos and apparel.

28. Andrea Script Font

Andrea Script feels beautifully hand-drawn and nicely crafted. The smooth and chubby shapes make for a great font that represents a tenderness and warmth.

29. Arkana Script Vintage Font

This vintage font uses its tiniest details to make each and every letter feel unique. This font comes with two styles, one that is regular and one that is vintage with rough lines.

30. Awesawez Script Font

This swirly font is very playful yet elegant with endless bouncy curves and loops. It is a great hand-made typeface full of heart and soul.

31. Diamor Script Monoline Font

Diamor is a fantastic monoline font designed to create beautiful typography for your next project. There is a wide variety within this set for your invitations, product packaging and quotes.

32. Connoisseurs Typeface

The texture in this font is incredible. Its dashes feel like strong brush strokes with confidence and boldness.

33. Brownhill Script Font

This beautiful script font is made up of soft strokes and vintage texture. The words also have a slight bounce and a

variety of letters to make any sentence feel handwritten and unique.

34. Miller Salt Font

This font duo is simple and clean. The texture within each letter look vibrant and tender. It has been crafted for making any branding or decor project feel unique.

35. Alivia Script Font

The slanted nature of this script font feels like classic calligraphy. It looks striking for your wedding invitations, cards, stationery and anywhere you else you need an elegant swoosh.

36. Jullian Script Typeface

This bubbly and textured font is eccentric and artistic. It is bold and wide which makes it great for headlines and compatible to pair with thinner cursive fonts or condensed typefaces,

37. Bahagia Signature Typeface

Bahagia is a magnificent signature typeface that carries charm and total power in every letter and stroke.

38. Highlander Marker Script Font

This grungy cursive font is ideal for any project that may require a little texture and edginess. It comes with several numerals, swashes and stylistic sets.

39. Gustolle Display SVG Font

Designed by Letterhend Studio, Gustolle is packed with upper & lowercase, symbols & numerals, ligatures & punctuations. Works great as a headline, advertising, or a companion to a thick serif font.

40. Anaheim Script Font

Anaheim has exquisite curves that feels like 19th-century poetry. A perfect addition to your cards, invitations, logos and any design longings. Write your heart-warming messages with style.

41. Classical Monoline Script Font

This script looks fresh and clean with a strong reference to classical calligraphy, complimenting any composition with excellent swashes and clean lines.

42. Lil Stuart Fonts Collection

This handwriting font has beautiful and majestic curves perfect to contrast with bold sans-serif fonts. To make it look more natural and authentic, the font set comes with 167 ligatures so you can mix and match it to make a better typographic composition.

43. Sanpaullo Signature Font

Sanpaullo is a great signature font, ideal for logos, invitations, stationery and wedding designs.

44. Alinnea Handwritten Font

Alinnea sets a great first impression with every stroke. It is a great addition to your arsenal to make beautiful logos, stationery and letters with personal touch.

45. Reborn Display Font

This funky display font is full of smooth lines that feel playful as if drawn with a color marker.

46. Carosello Vintage Font

If you're looking for blast from the past, Carosello is a great vintage script font that reminds you on typography from the 50's.

47. Brewery

This textured script font look like s areal hand-painted wet brush, ideal for signatures, logos, handwritten quote and greeting cards.

48. Hoodson Script

Hoodson Script is a font inspired by a combination of retro styles and hand lettering. It is a great font to produce a bouncy baseline in your designs.

49. Tahu – Free Script Font

Tahu is a clean and professional modern script font, free to use in personal and commercial projects.

50. Shopping Script

Shopping Script is a cursive signature style handwritten font with a memorable balance of size and contrast, designed to make your work feel unique.

Did you enjoy this collection of fonts or have any suggestions for us? Comment below and let us know.

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