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It's been great. Their support is very responsive and they are open to suggestions for feature improvements. Honestly Pastel is something we have been looking for, for years. It's easy to use for our clients with minimal instructions required. It provides us the ability to gather tons of information about the clients browser, ios, and screen dimensions as well as a screenshot of exactly what they saw. Plus the email notifications are very handy.
- Devin Hollister-Graham, CTO
Saves Tons Of Time For My Team & My Clients. Pastel's team is extremely responsive. Our clients jumped on Pastel immediately when we sent them the tool. No downloads, no installations. Other tools confused our clients with trying to download and install the program. You just jump on Pastel and start clicking - and it starts working. Saves our team probably hundreds of hours of work per month! I spent weeks looking for the easiest tool that my clients can use to get feedback. Our clients are often in their 50s and 60s, and not super tech savvy. Plus, our clients our business owners, so they have limited time. Ease of use was top priority. After looking at over 10 other options, Pastel was clearly the most simple and easy to use.
- Justin Page Wood, Designer
Novel & functional. A great bridge between client, dev, and designer Great to have guest option. Offers a new, very specific way to interact within a team and provide feedback Great for small updates Super useful that it's not a website copy, and the comments/pastel interface is a frame or layer on top of this.
- Anonymous
Game Changer. I used to receive lengthy emails of revision requests with zero direction on what part of the site they were referring to. With Pastel, this is no longer an issue and saves everyone involved on the project countless hours and headaches. My team and my clients find the software incredibly useful and time saving.
- Ryan Lamothe, Founder
Pastel-ease. Overall, we love it. Clients love it too. It's a super simple interface. Even clients that are not so tech-savvy can figure it out.
- Anonymous
Amazing tool for website QA. Super easy to use, love the desktop vs mobile view
- Anonymous
Perfect. Ease of use. Pricing model is good also. I think everything works as it should.
- Anonymous
I always took so many screenshots to covey the bug to my developer, now Pastel made everything easy. Wow, this is what I am waiting for a long time, Great work team, love it.
- Jhony Vino
Strong recommend. I started with an older version and that one was good! Very effective concept and clean design
- Jeremy Poland
Best Review Tool on the Market. The use of use, be it co-working with people from inside your company or across the globe. It minimizes paperwork and confusion. All comments are kept in history so it is easy to go back and confirm decisions.
- Michelle van Wyk, UX Developer
Easy to use, helpful tool. Great tool and a huge lifesaver when collecting feedback on web content. Will be using for a long time. Pastel's claim to fame in my mind is how easy it is to use. It's really REALLY easy to pull in a website and begin sharing it for feedback with others. The interface is pretty straightforward which means no need for training or looking up how to do things.
- Anonymous
The best tool out there to manage the never ending tweaking of existing websites. I've launched a website, and the minute we moved away from InVision I knew I needed a robust feedback system to carry on collecting the collective input in my organization. So I found Pastel, which everyone found really easy to use. Customer support is also really well managed: I had an idea for a feature to be added to Pastel, and after recommending it to the product team via chat, this was implemented in no time.  If you work with websites and need a place to share the ongoing flow of feedback and comments to request features, suggest enhancements, push requests to your developers, nothing beats Pastel. Forget links on Slack, sharing screenshots on Basecamp, or lengthy emails with vague descriptions of issues found on some page/subsection/paragraph.. Use Pastel to pin comments right where needed, and those in charge of making the changes will be able to find all of them and reply to your comments or mark every suggestion as resolved.
- Alessandro Pintus, UX/UI Designer
Good Functional Tool. Love it. It's the right value at the right price. The easiness of the tool for new users. The ability it gives.
- James Hall, COO
Great collaboration tool for web design. Awesome so far. Need more experience to prove much more feedback. Simple and to the point. Easy for the end user to use and make sense of. Feedback can be a complex thing and these guys have made a great tool for a reasonable price.
- Kris Aguero, Co-Owner
Great reviewing tools for designs! I love using Pastel. So glad to have found this tool. It has made our work so much easier!! All the features and the fact that the team keeps it up and adding new features every so often!
- Febriana Farley, Manager
It's a good tool - use it! Big fan, used it a few times to help with client work.
- Jaxson Khan
Our team has been using Pastel for almost a year now. We even had the pleasure of meeting the crew in-person a few months ago! It's clear as day how serious they are about making Pastel into a highly usable, empowering tool for digital creatives and devs alike. Excited to see what comes next! Loving the new feature that facilitates feedback for imagery! As easy and intuitive to use as the OG canvases.
- Katy Ha, Digital Designer
Great product that has changed our process. I just wish I would have found it and used it sooner! Gathering client feedback on websites was really difficult before. We had Invision for the website designs but then when we got to the development phase we had to rely on screenshots and screenshare meetings to gather feedback. Now we can easily monitor and discuss changes with clients which improved our feedback timeline and reduced the amount of edits we miss or misunderstand.
- Laura Hogan, Project Manager
Pastel Makes Website Revisions A Breeze. Overall, I have been very pleased and impressed with Pastel. I use it every day and it has saved me hours on our website revision process. The Support team has been stellar as well, always willing to make a change or update if needed. I would definitely recommend Pastel to anyone looking to streamline their revision or mark up process. I really like that you are able to comment directly on the live site. With our previous revision process, we had to keep Google Docs explaining each revision from the client but with Pastel, the clients can leave their revisions right on the site itself so it is much easier for our team to understand and make the revisions.
- TJ Carney, Project Manager
Time saving machine! Time saving, simple, easy and efficient. Its really great the way UsePastel works. Everything is so clear, simples and efficient! I can guarantee that with Use Pastel we saved many hours per week for us and our clients. Now my clients can tell us what they want to change in the website, and we can understand them! Perfect!
- Caio Nogueira, Digital Project Manager
The missing link between client and builder!! Impeccable experience. Super smooth and couldn't be simpler to integrate into your project feedback workflow. Trello export was the cherry on top. Throw out your old revision processes. This delivers feedback better than any other service.
- Rhett Butler, Client Service Analyst
Pastel Makes my life as a web designer easier. Overall, Pastel has been fantastic software and it makes my life much easier. I like how easy it is to upload multiple websites to Pastel and quickly share the sites with my clients and receive their feedback this makes building their sites easier.
- Anonymous
Creative feedback platform. A really cool way for me to keep all my feedback organized. This helps me further improve on what my costumers need. Easy set-up & use.
- Anonymous
Our team has been using this for a website redesign and it saved hours going back and forth in terms of the feedback cycle. Really intuitive and huge upgrade over the product we were using previously (invision).
- Maks Tochinskiy
We love this tool, its simple, easy to use and saves loads and loads of time. Great platform, simple to use, saves loads of time.
- Matt Crisp

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