Pastel is the fastest Bugherd alternative

Don’t slow your projects down with Bugherd installation. Start sharing feedback quickly with Pastel.

Time is precious when kicking off projects and onboarding clients for their feedback. Bugherd is a complicated tool that needs you to add Javascript code to your website or install a browser extension to set it up.

Modern design teams are switching from outdated tools and hacking spreadsheets to the simple, lightweight interface of Pastel. Start collecting feedback with easy to share links and a simple commenting experience that your clients will love you for.


Why choose Pastel over Bugherd?

Simple software

Pastel has one purpose. Make collaboration around building websites easier. Unlike Bugherd, our interface is intentionally super simple to highlight the most important things our customers need at any point.

No installation required

Getting started with Pastel takes a few seconds. There’s no need to install an extension or add code to your website just to try out the product.

Blazing fast

Building a website is hard. Doing so with a large group of people can be even more distracting if decisions take longer to be made. We have lots of features that help teams get back on track and focus on building.

“With Pastel, our clients feel empowered to give specific feedback without having dev or design knowledge.”
Kyle Dutka, Co-founder of pb+j

Bugherd gives you 14 days to make up your mind.

Pastel has a free forever account.
Try Pastel for free.