Get client approval on website and design projects faster with Pastel

Make your clients and team happier by using Pastel to collect visual feedback on websites and designs to get approvals in half the time.

Blazing fast

All you need to get your clients leaving feedback and approving projects is to share a link. That’s because Pastel works right out of the box. No code snippets or extensions to install. Easy for your team and for your clients!

Click to comment

Your clients can just click and type to start leaving feedback. And all their comments are on actual elements of the website, not screenshots. This helps your developers and designers problem solve and ship faster!

Auto create bug tickets

Take your approval process to another level and auto create tickets in Trello, Asana, Jira and more. When you export to one of these tools, Pastel attaches key information like browser type, screen size and a precise screenshot.

With Pastel, I can provide feedback and I'm not holding my team back, so they can move faster.

Ruth Zive
Head of Marketing at Ada

We’ve saved hours on every project, and the amount of time we’ve saved scales directly with the size of the project - the bigger the project, the more time we save.

Matt Crisp
Owner of Crisp Digital

How client approvals with Pastel work

Type in a URL and share a link with anyone to invite them to start the review and approval process.

Pastel lets you comment directly on UI elements on a website.
Smart annotations

Every comment is pinned to a specific element and records information like screen resolution and browser type to help your team address feedback and get approvals faster.

Always up to date

Make any changes to your website during your website approval process and Pastel will pull in the latest version to keep everyone in the loop.

Comment on any page

Toggle between commenting and browsing to navigate your website projects. Pastel makes it easy to review digital work without interruptions.

Review and comment on design files

Pastel is also available earlier in the process. Upload wireframes and mockups to get fast feedback and approval from your clients.


Keep revisions in scope

Control when you want feedback by disabling new comments with a click and re-enable them when you’re ready for your next round of feedback.

Connects seamlessly to your tools

Make your conversations more actionable and get approvals faster by exporting comments along with screen size, browser type and screenshots to enrich each task.