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Stiven Martinez, Co-founder of GuruHotel

Meet Stiven
from GuruHotel

2019 has been quite the ride for GuruHotel. In the last 9 months, Stiven and his team have helped 30+ hotel businesses boost their revenue with ultra-optimized websites and property management systems.

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I really love how Pastel lets you navigate your site and stops where you want to leave a comment.

Stiven Martinez, Co-founder of GuruHotel

Hi Stiven, can you tell us a bit about GuruHotel?

Absolutely, GuruHotel is a website and booking management system for hotels. We build ultra-optimized websites for independent hotels to ensure a higher occupancy level. We started in June of 2019 and have built websites for more than 30 hotels.

Our vision is to empower hotel businesses with their own web presence. We want to drive more direct bookings by crafting powerful websites. We also help connect these websites to sites like and using automated marketing tools to upgrade how these businesses use technology.

That’s some fast growth! How did you come across Pastel?

We were looking for a solution for our team to leave feedback on the hotel websites we were building. Pastel was perfect! It helps our UI/UX and dev team collaborate and improve the live websites. Our eCommerce and sales teams also use Pastel to comment on our internal app and improve the overall experience.

What do you think is the most important feature Pastel offers?

The switch that turns commenting on/off! I really love how Pastel lets you navigate your site and stops where you want to leave a comment.

It’s really the simple things :) What was your workflow like before Pastel?

All our feedback was scattered across multiple Google Docs.

How was the process of incorporating Pastel into your workflow? How long did it take?

We set up in just a few minutes! We gave access to the team and they quickly understood without any problems.

Glad to hear that. Wish you all the best! Thanks for your time, Stiven.