Pastel | Faster feedback and approvals on your creative work

How it works

Logos of web technologies

1. Make a canvas for your website
Enter any website and create a Pastel canvas link to share with anyone

2. Collaborate on feedback
Your clients and team members can open the link, then click to type their feedback. No login. No installing.


3. Resolve and export
See everyone's feedback in one place in real time with screenshots and browser metadata. Easily export and resolve comments.

The Details

Does Pastel make a copy of my website?

No copies — we layer comments on your live website using our custom proxy technology.

Does Pastel work with multiple page websites?

Absolutely. Each canvas houses a whole website. Just turn commenting off to navigate to any other page on that website.

Does Pastel work with Wordpress/React/Angular?

Pastel accepts all types of websites. We love all web frameworks all the same.

Does Pastel work with responsive websites?

Yes it does!

Got more questions?

Check out our help center!