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6 tools to kickstart a remote team

If you are thinking of creating a remote workplace, here are 6 tools to upgrade your workflow.
Aloke Pillai

Everywhere you look, companies are coming up with a remote working strategy. We have never had an opportunity like this in human history to collaborate so deeply with people across the globe. The internet connected us, new products will help us collaborate.

Basecamp has written about it.

Toggl has thought about the pros and cons of the remote workplace.

Billion dollar 100% remote companies are emerging.

If you are thinking of creating a remote workplace, here are 6 tools to upgrade your workflow:

For security

Still using hidden notes or documents to share accounts and passwords with your team? Use 1Password to create and store encrypted passwords amongst your team members.

For chat

Slack is perfect for building a watercooler for your team. You can jump into a group channel or a 1 on 1 conversation to communicate easily. It can get noisy so just set up your own filters for notifications.

For design

The browser is more powerful than ever. Remember when YouTube videos would take forever to buffer? We now watch Netflix HD videos with no problems. Can you fathom creating in a browser? Figma allows just that. Share and design artboards together with your remote team.

For feedback

Iteration and QA requires visuals and real time collaboration. Pastel was born for this reason. Share a link with your team and clients to jump on to a website together and exchange visual feedback.

For documents

One central place to access documents, spreadsheets and checklists. No more confusing sharing options. Quip makes it easy to share information more fluidly as a team.

For tasks

Project management tools need to be simpler. Asana is great at detailing tasks and delegating. Every task feels empty without a point person leading it. The interface is great for drilling down to the details or having that 30,000 feet overview.

Have we missed any? Let us know below.

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