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Approvals help you get the go-ahead on your work quickly from clients, stakeholders, and teammates in one step!
Farhia Farah

We’re starting off the new year with a brand new feature release and a few feature updates!

We at Pastel know getting approvals on your work from clients, stakeholders, and teammates is crucial when collaborating digitally. We've shipped a brand new feature to make getting that go-ahead quicker and easier, all within one canvas!

Presenting Approvals for Pastel canvases

The approvals feature is available on all Pastel plans (including the Free plan), for all types of canvases, and works independently from other available features (commenting on a canvas, or pausing comments). You can approve a canvas or request changes without needing to have left any comments, and can even do so while the canvas is paused.

You always have the option to leave another review, even if you have submitted one before, and you can leave multiple reviews over multiple versions of a canvas. Approvals are tied to specific versions, however, so once a new version is created, approvals are reset for all users that previously submitted one.

Check out this help article to learn more about how Approvals work in a canvas!

Now, Some Feature Updates!

The Export button in the canvas has a new home! It’s now located in the menu on the far right of the footer. To access it, click on the circle icon.

On your dashboard

You can now see how many people have approved or requested changes on your canvas through your dashboard! Just hover over the circle icon to see a quick view.

This quick view reflects the status of approvals or requested changes on the most current canvas revision.

New Comment Status: In Review

We’ve added a fourth new comment status! In Review is for any comments that have been worked on and now need to be resolved by someone (e.g. a client, stakeholder, or PM). Learn more about comment statuses here.

That's it for now! Navigate to your dashboard here to test out our new approvals feature in one of your canvases!

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