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🔔 Feature Updates + Founder Office Hours

The past few months at Pastel have been jam-packed! We've made several feature updates for Pastel users on our Studio and Enterprise plans! Here's the roundup from Cycle 3. We also now have Founder Office Hours!
Farhia Farah

The past few months at Pastel have been jam-packed! In addition to adding emails as a new asset type you can review and get feedback on, we've also made several other feature updates. But first,

Founder's Office Hours

Pastel's founders will be hosting office hours starting next week! Every Wednesday, you can get 30 minutes of one-on-one time. There's no agenda and we can chat about whatever you'd like. General feedback, feature requests, any questions you might have- it's all fair game! If that sounds interesting, click here to see available times and book your call.

Now for some feature updates!

Private Comments

Accidentally left a public comment meant only for your team? Users can now change comment visibility after the fact (e.g. from private → public and vice versa). Simply click on a comment and select “Edit” from the drop-down menu. Click the eye icon to change who can see the comment. If the comment is private, the text field will also be yellow.

Also, private comment pins are visually distinguishable on the canvas without opening the sidebar. Private comments will now have a light yellow border as opposed to white.

Canvas Feedback Deadlines

The interface for a paused canvas has changed! Now, when a canvas has a feedback deadline, there will be a calendar icon in both the canvas footer as well as the canvas card on the dashboard. Clients and stakeholders will have a clearer idea of how long they have to leave feedback!

Once the deadline is reached, the icon will disappear. The canvas will be paused and you'll see the “Commenting Disabled” notice.

Admin Edit Access for Image/PDF Canvases

Team admins now have the ability to edit, add and/or delete files in a canvas created by a different team member. The account's billing section will continue to stay hidden from administrators and will be available only to the account owner. Click here for the full list of admin permissions.

Deleting + Renaming Revisions

You can now edit the name of your revisions or delete them. To access this modal, hover over the revision you wish to edit or delete and click on the pencil icon on the right.

Emailed Invoices

We've updated the billing page so you now can opt-in to have subscription invoices emailed automatically through your billing section!

Transfer Canvas Ownership

You can now transfer canvas ownership from yourself to another user through your dashboard or within the canvas settings. Team owners and admins also have the ability to transfer canvas ownership from one user to another. Click here to learn more.

We've some big exciting features planned in our roadmap over the next six months, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for our newsletter & blog updates!

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