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Introducing Revisions

Revisions help you separate your multiple rounds of creative work and keep the cycles of incoming feedback organized.
Farhia Farah

We at Pastel understand how difficult it can become to keep track of multiple feedback cycles, especially when working remotely with a team. While a canvas helps users receive clear feedback easily and quicken approval times for a project, we wanted to make that collaborative process even easier for ourselves and our users!

Presenting Revisions for Pastel canvases.

Revisions is our newest feature designed to help keep track of the different cycles and revisions of feedback that happen during the lifetime of a creative project. Rather than spending countless hours searching for that past version of your creative project, rest assured you can access previous versions easily using that first canvas link you started with.

We've put no limitations on the number of versions you can create for a canvas. And for quick access, comments on previous canvases can easily be seen when you click on the dropdown and navigate to an older version.

Try changing creating a new version for one of your canvases by navigating to your dashboard here.

To learn more about how revisions work, check out this help article.

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