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Introducing Feedback Deadlines!

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines! Schedule automated email reminders of feedback deadlines to keep clients on track, ensuring deadlines are met and feedback is provided on time!
Farhia Farah

Deadlines are a critical part of any project, and it can be a hassle to keep track of them, especially when it comes to getting feedback. But what if you could set a feedback deadline and have automatic reminders sent to your clients and even to you & your team? Well, now you can with Pastel's Feedback Deadline Reminders!

Deadline Reminders is a powerful feature designed for teams to schedule automated email reminders for clients and team members alike, ensuring deadlines are met and feedback is provided on time! Available on either our Studio or Enterprise plans.

Deadline Reminders can be accessed from three different areas:

1.    “Deadline & Reminders” button in a Project.

2.    “Share” button on a canvas card in your dashboard or Project.

3.    “Share” button on the canvas footer.

Setting a Reminder

Setting a reminder is simple. First, set your feedback deadline.

Then, hit the Schedule Feedback Deadline and Reminders button. Pick a date and time in the future when commenting in that canvas will automatically pause, and schedule your reminders.

Choose who you'd like to get email reminders as well as the day and time for the reminder to be sent.You can even add multiple reminder times to ensure that everyone is on the same page!

Plus, every email reminder has a direct link to the project, so you can jump right in and leave feedback.

Managing Reminders

Pastel makes it easy to keep track of all your reminders too!

Check the reminder queue to see a history of sent, pending, and cancelled reminders. And if you need to make changes to your deadline, don't worry - all associated reminders will be cancelled and removed from the history queue.

You can also delete pending reminders at any time.

Those are the basics of feedback deadlines! Deadline Reminders for feedback is a a quick and easy solution that takes the stress out of keeping track. Give it a try today and see the difference it can make for your projects.

Head over to our help article here to learn more about scheduling feedback reminders, or check it out on your dashboard.

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